Saturday, May 14, 2011

Doesn't stop moving!

8 Months and Full of Energy!!

Brady's eight month picture has been the hardest yet. He won't sit still for more than a second!

He seems to be reaching milestones every day...growing up way too fast :)

Crawling is now mastered and nothing is safe. Just this week I rearranged the front room...took out the shelves and tables that could topple over, and other baby proofing things. Here soon we will put up a baby gate to keep him secure in that room. I'm sure Gus will want to be on the other side of that gate!

Just today, May 14th, Brady is sitting himself up from his stomach. Oh boy, there go the bumpers on the crib!

No real words quite yet, but soon I'm sure!

This week we are trying to cut back his naps from 3 daily to just 2. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. It really all depends on him though. Yesterday he was crankyer (is that a word?) than normal so he took 3 naps. Day by day.

Sleeping at night...where shall I begin. Well, we are hoping this doesn't become a habit, but the past few nights he has been fighting going down (which has never been the problem! Go figure) It will take about 15 minutes or so and he eventually falls asleep with the help of the binky...will get to that later....

He has been sleeping from approx.8:30-3:30. Feeds at 3:30 and is back down until 8am. Not too bad. Feeding schedule remains about the same. Every 3-4 hours. Half a jar of fruit in the morning,half a jar of vegetables at night. I am starting to make baby food too!

Having fun in the pool!! the binky. I have officially lost the fight. Not only does he use the binky but he is also sucking his thumb! Come on!!!

He still just has the two bottom teeth. I keep saying he is teething (what else could explain some of his behaviors,right?..haha), but nothing has popped through yet.

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