Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My 1st Easter. ~ by Brady ~

My day started out going to church to celebrate Easter and to see my Uncle Lenny play drums in the band. I did surprisingly well throughout the entire hour service! I was passed from mama to dada to auntie Alexa to Grandma J to uncle lenny. The constant moving around kept me quiet and wore me out! The last 20 minutes I fell asleep in Grandma's arms..(even though I am heavy i don't think she minded :)

We got home and started brunch. Everyone was having a great time drinking bloody marys and mimosas while mama cooked the food.

Easter afternoon with mama and dada :)

It was so great having family here to celebrate Easter with me!

So after we ate the warm sunny air was just too nice to sit inside. We all got comfy outside instead. Auntie Alexa brought me some toys that we got out to play with.......

First came the bubbles. I liked watching those!

Oh my goodness...and then dada hooked up the swing to the tree!! I LOVE IT ~

BUT then, they blew up this big blue thing and filled it with water. Now I love baths...but this thing I wasn't too sure about......


I got a dry outfit on and the rest of the day went by with lots of smiles, laughs and love. Overall, a great first Easter!

The next morning we went to the beach.

Fun in the Sun!

Happy Easter again!

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