Monday, June 13, 2011

9 month updates

9 Months!

I thought it was time to do a little updating on our virtual baby book. Being that Brady's 9 month birthday was yesterday and we had a wellness visit with the doctor today, I figured now would be as good of time as any to do a little writing.

Okay, eating: still nursing 6x day for approx. 10 minutes. I have been making baby food for the little guy and freezing the product in ice cube trays. He eats one in the morning (usually pears or apples) and one early evening (squash, carrots or sweet potatoes). We have also JUST started the puffs. Good for hand/eye coordination and he is feeding them himself :) The doctor suggested trying to feeding him some watermelon (for good pictures). So, that'll be next. We are going to introduce finger foods now on a daily basis so he can get used to feeding himself and chewing/swallowing. Also working on getting him to drink out of a sippy cup. No luck yet, but he'll get it.

Sleeping: Whoo..hooo! We are doing good!!! After a recent road trip, Bradys schedule was turned upside down and when we returned home he was waking up at night like he was 3 weeks old again. Whew.......that was no fun. After 3 nights of letting him cry it out (about 10 minutes each time) he finally got it. He is going down without a fight at 8pm and not waking until 5 am. Then back down until 8am. We are at 2 naps a day. Morning nap lasts about an hour and the afternoon almost 2 hours.

A few developmental things...

Brady is crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on everything! We put up a baby gate to give Gus a little relief :)

Experiencing a little stranger anxiety lately but that's very normal for this age.

He has said dada many times...however does not seem to know what it means. He looks at Gus and says it as well as Adam :)

Does respond to name.

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