Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Fun-Filled Weekend in Brady

Well, my weekend started out bright and early Saturday morning. Mama had me up, fed, dressed and ready to go by 7:30 am! Don't get me wrong, I'm usually awake at this time but am always still in my bamers and playing with my toys. I had seen Daddy briefly as he was going out the door with his bike at 6:00 am! That's even early for him...but he was warming up for the big race he was about ready to be in.
OK, mama got me all bundled up cause it was cold that morning! We parked downtown by the Market.

We strolled through and saw just a few vendors setting up for what was sure to be a busy day! I had no idea how many people we were about to see! It was the annual Bridge Run.

Almost 38,000 people ran in this 10K!! And MY daddy was one of the finishers!!

I have to admit, I got pretty tired after the first few thousand runners and fell fast asleep...Zzzz..

Later that day we went over to some friends house for some more outside time and dinner.

I just love being the center of attention :)

This girl Analisa was pretty fun and was playing with me on the floor. I got to laughing so hard!

On Sunday, we drove to Summerville for the annual Flowertown Festival.

What a beautiful day it was. There were azaelas in bloom EVERYWHERE and the air was so brisk and fresh. It did however start to get pretty warm as the day progressed.

This was a great photo op for mama, daddy and me.

Daddy put me on this dog and I made all the people around me smile. Except for that lady with the cane behind us, but I don't think she can see me. Hahaha

This past weekend was a busy and enjoyable time for all three of us. But I am WORN OUT! Goodnight.


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend Brady! Love you!

  2. Good job Brady! Loved reading about your weekend and seeing your pictures. I'll be seeing you soon! Love, Grandma :-)