Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cold or Allergy

A few days past the 7 month mark and I'm pretty sure Brady has his first cold. Aw, poor baby. He has congestion and watery eyes (which makes me think it could be an allergy) . I'm leaning towards a cold however because he just 2 days ago he was in the gyms day care and I noticed a kid with a snotty nose in there when I dropped Brady off. I'm sure that little snotty nosed brat was all up in Brady's face and passed a cold on to him. :) Well, I'll never know. I have been using the humidifier and the nasal aspirator (thank god for that invention!) to release some of the mucous and snot in his nose. If he's doesn't show signs of improvement by tomorrow, I will call Dr. Rhodes.

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